Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Ends

Henry's library grew by two beautiful new books today courtesy of two of my best mom friends, who sadly live far away. Sandra M. sent When You Were Small. Nina M. sent The Gruffalo, one of her girls' faves from their temporary stint in the UK. Thank you, mamacitas. It was such a nice surprise to receive them both in the mail on the same day. Can't wait to crack into them!

p.s. The photo on the left is from the kids library section on inchmark journal, an amazing family lifestyle blog by Brooke Reynolds, a former Martha Stewart art director. I love it but it definitely gives me a complex about my lack of craftiness.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Apple of My Eye

I got this adorable cast iron apple pot for my sister's birthday. She doesn't read this so it's not like I'm spoiling the surprise. Or does she...?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee

Not crying over spilled milk is a no-brainer. But, this morning when Henry knocked over a full carafe of hot (thankfully not boiling) Ristretto Roasters Cowboy Blend coffee, I definitely had to stifle some emotion. Firstly, because my poor little guy almost burned his arm off. But, secondly (and if it makes me a bad mother to admit this, so be it) because it was almost the last of the beans my mom brought back from Portland on a recent visit to see my sister. Had it actually been the last pot, tears would definitely have been shed.

Yacon Syrup: The New Agave?

I happened upon this jar of yacon syrup at Whole Foods the other day while perusing my maple options. I had never heard of it but apparently it's a natural sweetener with half the calories of cane sugar. Since agave turned out to be a big letdown in terms of its actual health properties --- and I the fool for believing that drizzling, nay, dousing, it over everything was really good for me -- I'm somewhat skeptical. But, I bought it anyway. Mostly, because I'm a sucker for a jazzy, modern label and the fact that it comes from Peru.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Preppy Tights

Way back in my pre-pubescent preppy heyday, I would have killed for these mint and pink tights.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bleach: There is no substitute

I consider myself a highly conscientious consumer. I do my best to make environmentally sound choices that do not poison my family or the earth, sometimes driving myself insane--and to several different stores--in the process. But, when it comes to getting things clean there is nothing like good old-fashioned bleach. For example, when your toddler leaves his favorite Plan Toys fire engine outside during a week-long rain spell and it's covered with a nasty black rash of mold, what's a mom to do? This has happened to other toys, like a beautiful set of rustic tree blocks. Eventually, I had to to toss them because they were starting to grow hairy legs after several overnighters outside in the yard. But, the fire engine I couldn't bring myself to dispose of. Besides being something that Henry actually enjoys playing with--as opposed to slamming it to smithereens a la Bam-Bam--it was also a gift from Uncle Geoff in Toronto.

My mom just so happened to be visiting when I showed her the ostensibly ruined toy. She bought a bottle of Clorox, gave the engine a 4-plus hour bleach bath and then a good scrub with soap and water. Glory Hallelujah, the wood came out sparkling like a newly peroxided blonde. I have seen the light.